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Dry-type transformer leveraging upgrade, Ziguang Electric Yong create the future

2017-05-02 16:33:46 click: 452

Some time ago, by the China Electricity Enterprise Federation Science and Technology Development Service Center and the National Transmission and Distribution Technology Network, sponsored by the China National Research Institute (Beijing) Institute of Electric Power, "Transformer Group components and materials, new technology (product) development seminar "Held in Beijing, the seminar is to promote the optimization and upgrading of China's transformer manufacturing industry, and quickly improve the independent innovation capability of transformer equipment and design and manufacturing level. The development of the transformer industry is of great significance.

Dry-type transformers as a member of the transformer, but also continue to experience change. In the history of the development of dry-type transformers, can be divided into several stages, each stage is the rapid development of technology and means of production and innovation period. Every manufacturer wants to continue to develop in a highly competitive industry, and ultimately, the ability to innovate and develop independently, and technology is the cornerstone of supporting customers' Dry-type transformer manufacturers are often very important for product development, and have a first-class R & D team or technical team is essential, and only continue to design and innovation to catch up with the footsteps of the times, Backward and suffered the market out.

Of course, in addition to technology research and development, production of every aspect is also very important, from the design, selection, production and then to test every link will directly affect the quality of the transformer and sales. When the technology has been between the middle, that artisan spirit created by the reputation has become the key to occupy the market. If the background in the innovation and then increase the quality of the strict control, corporate brand and word of mouth naturally gone up.

Over the years, Ziguang Electric in the increasingly competitive market environment, continue to increase R & D investment, and constantly strengthen the quality control, and continuously improve the quality of service, Ziguang Electric has always believed that the customer's needs to its forward direction, the customer's praise is its forward power. Purple Electric in the second decade of planning, Ziguang Electric will continue to unswervingly toward the high-tech high-quality high reputation of the electrical equipment manufacturers forward.


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