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Old transformer replacement energy saving

2017-05-02 16:33:36 click: 371
Accelerate the old, the old transformer replacement is an important way to reduce power loss. Old and old transformer out to be inferior, new transformer selection to excellent selection of excellent. Due to energy-saving potential, update the investment spent, can be recovered in the short term.
1 Introduction
According to the estimated data: from power generation to power supply, until the process of electricity - generalized power system in a variety of electrical equipment, the total power consumption of about 28% to 33% of power generation. This is a year for the country there are 3178 ~ 3746 billion KWh power loss in the operation of electrical equipment, the equivalent of 10 medium electricity consumption and the province of electricity. This shows that the energy-saving potential is very large, but also shows that China's power line loss rate is too high, the world's output value of the country behind the energy consumption.
China's power grid line loss rate of 8.7%, while Germany is only 4.6%, behind the reason is: First, China's power grid structure behind the grid is weak, such as the grid in the small old, old high energy consumption transformer is too large, lack Regulation capacity, resulting in high accident rate; Second, the grid operation and management backward, emphasizing the safe operation, ignoring the economic operation; Third, the old concept and extensive management led to too high line loss rate. In short, the main reason for the loss of power grid in China is that China's urban and rural power grid structure and enterprise power grid structure operation and management of scientific and technological content is too low.
Transformers in the entire power system is a widely used electrical equipment, in general, from power generation, power supply until power, need to go through 3 to 5 times the pressure process, its own to produce active power loss and reactive power Consumption. As the number of transformer units, the total capacity, so in the generalized power system operation, the transformer power loss accounted for about 10% of power generation. This is for the whole country, means that the total transformer power loss for the year more than 110 billion KWh, equivalent to three medium electricity consumption and the amount of electricity.
China's transformer power loss is so large, because of China's urban and rural power grids and enterprise power grid in the old number of energy-consuming transformer is too large. Urban and rural power grid not only a large number of six or seventies old, old transformers, some units are four or fifties transformers in operation, a total of more than one million units, accounting for more than 40% of social ownership. Due to the old, old transformer has a large amount, resulting in China's power line loss rate is too high. So that the technological content of China's power grid structure is far behind the developed countries. Old and old transformer long-term service, the update is slow, the main reason is that China's widespread shortage of funds and energy-saving equipment to update the concept of backward, backward management and technical and economic decision-making mistakes caused.
2. Transformer replacement of scientific decision-making
In urban and rural power grids, to use the knowledge economy and science and technology, to speed up the old and old transformers replacement. In the replacement of transformers to have scientific decision-making.
2.1 establish the commodity economy in the survival of the fittest concept of competition. The decision-making of modern energy-consuming equipment management requires people to change from the concept of product economy to the concept of commodity economy. From the concept of small-scale peasant economy in feudal lockup to the concept of competition in commodity economy, the law of competition is the survival of the fittest.
2.2 build energy consumption equipment technology wear concept. The main basis of the scientific theory of energy-consuming equipment management is to change the concept of material wear from the concept of economic life to the concept of technology wear. The economic life of energy-consuming equipment refers to the energy-consuming equipment in the manufacturing process, not only consider the material wear and tear, but also mainly by technical wear to determine the equipment life. The "technical wear" of energy-consuming equipment means that the equipment and equipment in the process of use, in the community to create new equipment, its technical performance and economic benefits than the original equipment to continue to use superior, it should be technical wear and tear to make decision-making equipment The
2.3 to speed up the old, the old transformer replacement is an important economic efficiency of one of the important initiatives. Because the loss of enterprises in order to survive, you must take the road of profit. Accelerate the old, old transformer replacement, which is low-input high-yield economic decision-making.
3. Transformer replacement of energy-saving potential and social benefits
At present, China's old and old transformers replacement, the old and old transformer out to be done in the inferior, the new transformer selection to be excellent in the selection of excellent, do not simply based on the transformer capital investment, but also to fully take into account Operation of the energy-saving effect, it should not choose to invest less energy consumption of high S7-type transformers, should choose to put a large energy-saving effect of good S9 and amorphous transformer, due to energy-saving effect, Quick recovery.
3.1 old and old transformers to replace the poor in the poor. At present, many enterprises in the old, old transformers, although the acceleration of the old, the replacement of the old transformers can bring considerable economic benefits for the enterprise. But because of the old, the old number of transformers, it is impossible within a year to all the old, old transformer all updated out, must be updated year by year, so in the old, old transformer out of the poor in the poor, through the quantitative calculation of replacement Out of the largest loss of old, old transformers, that is, the technical characteristics of the worst out. That is, with the same investment funds to achieve the maximum energy saving effect.
3.2 spare transformers can be temporarily updated. Some important power load has spare transformers, spare transformers to ensure safe use of electricity, only in the operation of the transformer failure and maintenance when put into operation. The annual run time is short, such as spare transformer update, the updated funds can not be recovered for 30 years. But pay attention to the old, old transformer in the inferior to stay in the spare and special reserves. For example, a Shanxi Mining Bureau three rural substation has two old, old transformer, a run, a spare, each transformer only to update a transformer put into operation. Another spare transformer is not updated. Last year the total energy savings of more than 480,000 KWh. At the same time than all the updated transformer savings of nearly one million yuan, and save the capacity of more than 780,000 yuan paste.
3.3 new transformer selection to excellent selection of excellent. At present, China's promotion of high efficiency transformer is mainly amorphous and S9 type, therefore, old and old transformer update calculation is energy-saving amorphous and S9-type transformer instead of old and old transformers; and new transformer selection is calculated S9 type instead of S7 type transformer. As the distribution transformer application is wide, according to the Shandong Lu Kang Pharmaceutical Group to provide 10 / 0.4KV, 630KVA, 800KVA, 1000KVA, 1250KVA transformer nameplate parameters and the actual price to do a typical example of the operation, the transformer life, Although the transformer than the purchase of S7-type transformer more investment of about 10,000 yuan. But its investment is only 1 to 2 years to recover, after the recovery of investment in the transformer life of the total energy-saving effect of 20 to 40 million KWh, the total economic benefits of 13 to 28 million.
3.4 electric furnace transformer capacity selection of energy saving. As the electric furnace transformer overload capacity is very strong, people used to choose less investment, small capacity transformer. The result is a waste of electricity, but also increase the cost of electricity. According to the optimization of quantitative calculation, the transformer capacity increases, that is, to reduce power consumption and reduce costs. For example: Hunan Hengyang Nonferrous Metal Machinery Plant, the 2250KVA electric furnace transformer is updated to 3200KVA transformer. All-round energy saving more than 160,000 KWh, update the investment of equipment less than two years to recover, while the capacity increases, but also improve the reliability of the transformer power supply.
4. Pingyang Heavy Industries old, old transformer transformation example
4.1 companies in recent years have replaced some of the 10 / 0.4KV SJ, SJ1, SJ3, SJL, SJL1 old transformer, made some energy-saving economic results, but there are 10 old transformer to be replaced, as shown in Table 1 , Series of transformer no load, load loss table.
4.2 transformer annual power loss:
△ W = ΔPOT + Δ PKβτ KWh
△ PO - transformer no-load active loss
△ PK - transformer load active loss
T - Transformers run all year running time 8760h
Β - transformer load rate
Τ - the maximum load loss hours,
4.3 Second shift: 3000 ~ 4500 hours / year; to cast 1 # change after the saving of electricity as an example: △ W = * 8760 + * 0. 7 * 4000 years to save electricity △ W = 51968 KWh annual savings of electricity 51968 KWh * 0.58 Yuan / KWh = 30141 yuan. According to this algorithm, 10 SJ, SJL series transformer replacement for the S9 series of transformers, the annual energy saving 134299KWh. Annual savings of electricity 134299KWh * 0.58 yuan / KWh = 77,893 yuan.
5. Concluding remarks
In summary, to speed up China's old transformer replacement, preferably S9, S10, S11, SCB-type transformers, the energy-saving potential of 1% to 2%, the annual energy saving of 100 to 20 billion Kwh, to create economic Efficiency of nearly 10 billion yuan. Due to a large number of energy conservation, protection of the environment, saving the geological resources, in the contemporary, power in the future. At the same time to make our grid line loss drop, narrow the gap with the international, which is to revitalize China made a contribution.

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